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The joint BGA / IMechE annual student prize has been established since 2000 and is considered one of the most prestigious Student prizes in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

The goal of the prize is to encourage and support the growth of the next generation of UK engineers

The prize is awarded for the best Final Year Project on any topic broadly related to the field of mechanical power transmissions.

Please see a list of previous winners below.


2000 Mr Jake L Sisson Evaluation of Gearbox Efficiency for Epicyclic Gears University Of Central England
2001 Mr Tim Langdale Design of a test rig for Renold Hi-Tec Couplings University of Huddersfield
2002 Ms Vicky J Sims The Micropitting Performance of Nitrided Discs and Gears University of Newcastle
2003 Joint Team Y4 MEng The Mystery of Vehicle Rollaway University of Leeds
2004 Tom Osman Non-Metallic Automotive Gearbox University of Birmingham
2005 Luke Fowler Noise Reduction in an Allen Gears Parallel Shaft Gearbox University of Birmingham
2006 Mr Tom Lench A Technique for the Calculation of the Mesh Cycle Stiffness of a Helical Gear Pair University of Loughborough
2007 Miss Rebecca Louise Wright A Study of Heat Generation out Flows in Dry-running Non-metallic Gears University of Birmingham
2008 Mr Scott Edmondson Design of a Test Machine to Assess the Quality of Phosphor Bronze Castings for use in the Manufacture of Worm Gears. University of Huddersfield
2009 Andrew Mitton Development and manufacture of a Bronze Castings test rig University of Huddersfield
2010 Mr Aaron Mason Deflection of a Built -Up Star Carrier in an Epicyclic Gearbox Birmingham City University
2011 Mr Luke Burras Design and Commercialisation of Portal Axles University of Sheffield
2012 Newcastle University Team Instability Mechanisms in Journal Bearings University of Newcastle
2013 Adam Prince Calculation of Screw Milling Cutter Profiles Sheffield Hallam University
2014 Edward Rounding Destructive Investigation of a Failed Wind Turbine Planetary Gearbox Bearing University of Sheffield
2015 Joseph Watson High Speed Layshaft for Mechanical Drive Birmingham City University
2016 Geoffrey Moore Mechanical Motion Rectifier University of Southampton

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