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Buying Group

Still not heard of the BGA Members’ Buying Group? Book your FREE consultationto learn more.

It’s here to save you money on your overheads, utilities and consumables.  Let us do the hard work and help you to save on key categories such as: For a full list of categories, click here.

  •     Fasteners
  •     Corrugated Boxes & Packaging
  •     Freight Forwarding
  •     Parcel carriers
  •     PPE
  •     Energy

Don’t just take our word for it…

Some BGA Members are already taking full advantage of the Buying Group, one member highlighted a potential saving of over £13,000 on their freight forwarding.

Another smaller member was shown a £6,500 saving on their Parcel Carriers.

You could be saving large, double digit percentages on key areas of your business.

Look at how joining buying group works by clicking here.

For a FREE CONSULTATION contact or 0870 755 2579


* Please note the BGA  buying group is managed by on behalf of the BGA.