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Make the most of your membership.

Are you making the most of your BGA Membership? Carry out the actions below to ensure you are not missing out.


BGA Members have a direct line to gear” experts who are there to help you with any gear related questions or quandaries. No matter how big or small your question the BGA are waiting for your call.

Our technical expertise includes but is not limited to: Gearing and mechanical power transmission technologies in aerospace, agriculture, automotive, rail, renewables, marine,  minerals, energy and water.

Thanks to our network of industry wide experts in the unlikely event that the person manning the technical hotline cannot answer your question themselves your query will be relayed to a relevant party who will have an answer for you.

Whether you are looking for some technical expertise to help you with a specific problem or are simply looking for a second opinion from an industry expert the BGA is here to help.

If you would like to speak to the BGA please call 0191 208 6160.


The BGA Members directory is an invaluable source for generating leads and opportunities.

As the leading trade organisation for the Gear industry in the UK we are considered primary authority people look to for their gearing needs. We receive enquiries for manufacturing and technical assistance from all over the world and if you are not in our online directory you could be missing out on the opportunities generated.

Every member of the BGA gets a free company listing in our Members Directory . Click here to ensure that your listing is in our directory and contains all of the correct contact information. Please also ensure that your web address is listed as this will provide a valuable back link for your SEO purposes.


 The BGA produces a wide range of literature including Codes of PracticeGear Technology Manual and Technical publications on topics from Worm Gears to Gear Geometry Optimisation. These invaluable resources are available to download completely free of charge to BGA Members.

To see our full downloadable library please click here.


It is essential your business stays update with the state of the Gear market. We have taken the work and expense from you by commissioning experts to produce up to date stats that are available to members on a FREE DOWNLOAD.


Did you know as Members of the British Gear Association are welcome to use the BGA logo on all stationery, websites and marketing material? Using the BGA logo is a way of promoting the membership that is beneficial to your company and the membership as a whole.

How using the BGA logo benefits you.

The BGA logo is a sign that you are directly associated with British Gear Association, a recognised Trade Association for the Gearing Industry for almost 30 years. The BGA is synonymous with quality assurance, cutting edge research, expert knowledge and world leading standards setting. Using our logo explicitly states that you too embody these qualities.

How using the BGA logo benefits the Membership.

We know that by having the best and brightest membership profile possible we will attract the finest the UK has to offer to our Association. Showcasing the BGA logo will help increase awareness of the Association in turn promoting and protecting the Gear production and knowledge base of the UK. If you are using our logo on your website please can you link back to to help us build the online presence of the BGA.

If you are not already using the BGA logo and would like to add it to your website or stationery please click here to download a hi-res BGA Logo image.