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Membership Benefits

Networking : Make contact with our membership and event attendees  who span the leading Gear companies, manufacturers, distributors and academics from the UK and across the world.

A major benefit of BGA membership is the networking opportunities offered through attendance at our meetings and events.  Our major Annual Technical Awareness Seminar attracts delegates from home and abroad, with the leading UK Gear companies, manufacturers, distributors and academics all in attendance. There is a great buzz of interaction during the breaks and at the informal social evening the night before.  We regularly host BSI & ISO standards meetings and the Annual EUROTRANS meeting when it takes place in the UK.

Seminars and Training Courses: We are the leading providers of Gear related training in the UK and all of our courses are CPD accredited. Members receive up to 50% discount on delegate rates.

Under the supervision of the BGA’s Technical & Research Management Committee, the Association runs a rolling programme of one-day & two-day seminars on various gear related topics. We are the leading providers of Gear related training in the UK and all of our courses are CPD accredited. We can also arrange bespoke training if required.

Website ( Let the BGA Market your company to our membership base and the wider gear world.

The BGA website provides members with Members Only information, training bookings and is an excellent marketing tool. All members receive a full company listing on our website. We receive enquires for manufacturing and technical assistance from all over the World.  All requests for quotations are sent to the whole membership on an equal opportunity basis. 

Technical Publications: Loan Technical Publications direct from the BGA Library

The Association produces a wide range of literature in the form of Codes of Practice, a Gear Technology Manual and “State of the Art” Technical surveys which are free to members and are listed on our website. Click here to see the publications available.

Standards: Loan standards direct from the BGA Library

The BGA and its members have a strong commitment to National (BS) and International (ISO) Standards work and is contracted by BSI to operate as the Secretariat for the ISO/TC60/SC1 committee Nomenclature and Worm Gearing.  Copies of all the main BS and BS ISO gear standards are held at the BGA office and are available to members on a library loan basis.

Newsletter: Find out the latest BGA News from the association and its members.

We produce our own popular electronic newsletter, with details of our events, research and special interest groups. Members can also use this as a platform to send out their own press releases and news to the broader membership.

Use of the BGA Logo: Show that you are a member of the most influential Gear association in the UK. Members are free to use the internationally recognised BGA logo on all of their websites and publications

Research: 2018 will see a mass restructure and relaunch of BGA Research Projects and these will become a major focus of BGA activities for 2018 and beyond.
We will initiate a series of short, quick seed projects that may provide the germs of ideas that generate a whole new technology stream. If successful, these seed projects may initiate collaborative research projects between Industry and Academia; a model that has worked well in the past. BGA members will have access to the seed research projects and the data will be made available. 

Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Collaborate with the leading Gear experts in the UK to generate new research and discoveries.

The BGA has initiated SIGs for Gear Measurement, Splines, In-Service Load Measurement and   Tooth Flank Breakage (aka TIFF). Participation is free to interested BGA members and it is anticipated that the SIGs will generate new research projects and input into ISO Standards as well as providing a forum for information exchange.

Technical Helpline: Whether you are looking for some technical expertise to help you with a specific problem or are simply looking for a second opinion from an industry expert the BGA Technical Hotline is here to help. 

Set up for BGA Members at the end of 2015 the BGA Technical Hotline connects you directly to a “gear” expert who is there to help you with any gear related questions or quandaries. No matter how big or small your question the BGA Technical Hotline are waiting for your call. Our technical expertise includes but is not limited to: Gearing and mechanical power transmission technologies in aerospace, agriculture, automotive, rail, renewables, marine, minerals, energy and water.

Thanks to our network of industry wide experts in the unlikely event that the person manning the technical hotline cannot answer your question themselves your query will be relayed to a relevant party who will have an answer for you.

BGA Buying Group:

We unite the purchasing power of all of our members to arrange first-class discounts from market leading suppliers so that your cost savings take off. Click for details.