3A Technologies Ltd

3A Technologies Ltd represent a number of European Companies that manufacture products for gear and gearbox users.

High quality, DIN 4/5 ground form spur, helical (including double helical) gears up to 2500mm diameter with a max capacity of 6000mm diameter and ground form or hard finished Klingelnberg spiral bevel gears to 1300mm diameter are provide for many industrial applications including;

Transportation – Marine & Rail; Power Generation -Wind, Hydro

Recycling; Mining & Refineries; Cement & Steel works; Printing;

Machine Tools & Presses, Cranes and Winches, Paper and Pulp and many others.

Large gears require large bearings therefore we also offer a comprehensive range of Induction Heaters, manufactured by TM Induction Heating, for the heating of bearings and gears up to 10000kg in weight.

TM have also adapted the induction heating technology to many special applications, e.g. for dismantling difficult bearings; the heating of Stator Housings in a continuous process and special applications in automotive assembly lines.

With 40+ years experience covering many of the differing aspects of gear technology and in particular manufacturing, we are also able to advise and support our clients in, for example, gear selection and application, gear quality and inspection, effective manufacturing methodologies etc. thus facilitating enlightenment to the ‘Black Art’.

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