Designing for Gear Manufacture


19th October 2017
19th October 2017 (All day)
Allen Gears, Station Road, Pershore, United Kingdom   View map

Designing for Gear Manufacture


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This seminar is aimed at design and production engineers who wish to gain an understanding of how the selection and application of gear production methods can influence the design and performance of a gear set. The session will provide a brief recap of the key production methods and will then focus on addressing the impact of design decisions on the production requirements. The impact of specific production methods on the performance of a gear set will also be addressed. Focus will be placed on highlighting the variations that can occur between the design intent of a gear set and the physical production results dependant on the process and design requirements specified. Whilst several of the basic principles covered are applicable to most types of gearing the main focus will be placed on the application and evaluation of metal cylindrical gears.

Specific cases will be explored to highlight the impacts of key deviations resulting from manufacture and how these can be evaluated for a gear pair. Guidance will be presented on the considerations that should be given to a gear at the design stage based on the anticipated production methods and how this links to tooling specifications and requirements.

Several worked case studies will be presented looking at the effects of production features on a gear set performance where these deviate from the original design intent.

Key Topics Covered within this seminar:

  • Recap of key gear production methods and processes.
  • Review and exploration of the interactions and influences of key production methods and the gear design.
  • Consideration of production requirements at the design stage and the appropriate selection and specification of tooling.
  • Introduction to the evaluation of the impact of production characteristics and deviations on gear performance with specific case studies, such as effects of profile twist, form vs generator ground gears, root steps etc.
  • Exploration of the practical design considerations and corresponding specifications relating to heat treatment and inspection methodologies.

Typical attendees:

  • Engineers or technicians with some gear design or production experience wishing to gain an understanding of the interactions between gear design requirements and production methods, tooling and process specifications.
  • Design engineers looking to gain an appreciation of the evaluation and analysis methods that can be used to assess the effects of production features and characteristics.

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