Introduction to Gear Manufacture


18th October 2017
18th October 2017 (All day)
Allen Gears, Station Road, Pershore, United Kingdom   View map

Introduction to Gear Manufacture


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This seminar is aimed at engineers, technicians and individuals involved in gear specification/procurement who wish to gain a sound overview of the manufacturing methods and process available to the gear designer or manufacturer.  The seminar will cover not only the processes available but place some specific focus on the link between gear design and the production methodology.

This seminar is aimed at engineers and technicians who wish to gain a sound overview of the manufacturing methods and process available for the production of geared components.  The seminar will address all of the key methods of production covering casting, forming, moulding and cutting processes.

Most all process commonly used to produce gears will be introduced but the principle focus will be placed on metal gear production produced by either cutting or grinding when looking at the detailed mechanics and production considerations.

Key Topics Covered within this seminar:

  • Summary introduction of the range of gear production methods
  • Summary of heat treatment and surface treatment methods
  • Overview of process capability, selection and tooling requirements
  • Detailed overview of the gear cutting and finishing processes of cylindrical gears

Typical attendees:

  • Engineers and technicians new to the industry requiring a broad overview of gear production technology
  • Existing design engineers who would benefit from a better understanding of the detailed manufacturing processes and options available
  • Production engineers or procurement personnel wishing to gain a top level overview of manufacturing techniques and methods

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