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British Standards Institute (BSI) work with ISO and other standards groups to ensure the standards available in the UK are fit for purpose and reflect current and best working practices.  A quick check on the BSI website shows there are over 80 standards documents that relate to gears.  While some of these are old and maintained for historical purposes, many are new or recently revised to reflect the changing needs of our industry.

We have created a portal for BGA Members to view all of the latest technical developments which are currently taking place in gear standards. Click the button below to go there now.


The standards are maintained by a technical committee of volunteers who offer their services free of charge to BSI and ISO to ensure the standards are fit for purpose.  There is a perception that these standards ‘are set in stone’ and do not change but when problems are noted with implementation of existing standards, these are reviewed and addressed by the relevant technical committee.  Similarly as technology and technical understanding develops, standards are revised but the technical committees must be mindful that changes also incur costs for industry and thus a great deal of care is needed to minimise this while maximising the benefits.

The BSI technical committee MCE 5 is responsible for gears.  A series of working groups or panels covering a range of technical fields support work undertaken by the ISO

A summary of the technical committees is provided below:


Technical Committee

(TC) 60 Gears

BSI shadow technical committee

MCE 5 Gears

Chair: AGMA Chair: BGA
Secretary: AGMA Secretary: BGA
WG2 Gear accuracy MCE 5/-/2 Develops geometry tolerance and measuring machine  standards and reports
Sub committee 1 (SC1) Secretary: BGA
WG 3 gear forming tools MCE 5/-/16 Develops gear cutting tool standards and reports
WG4 Terminology and notation MCE 5 /-/17 Develops terminology and geometry standards
WG7 Worm gears MCE 5 /-/7 Develops worm gear geometry and stress analysis standards and reports
Sub committee 2 (SC2) Secretary: VDMA
WG6 Gear calculations MCE 6/-/6 Develops cylindrical gear stress analysis and scuffing standards and reports
WG13 Bevel gears MCE 5 /-/13 Develops bevel gear geometry, stress analysis and scuffing standards and reports
WG14 Strength and Quality of materials MCE 5/-/14 Develops material, material testing and allowable stress related standards and reports