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5 Axis Road Map Update

The GMaRC group of UK gear manufacturing researchers hosted the latest BGA Technical Awareness Day (TAD) at AMRC in Rotherham on 13th February 2020.  Please click here to download the full GMaRC brochure.

The delegates were asked to share and develop their ideas for the future of our industry, particularly in light of the changes arising through electrification in numerous sectors.

These ideas were captured in the form of a roadmap where the overarching trends and drivers affecting the gears industry were fed by industrial capabilities, innovation outputs and innovation challenges.

Throughout the day, the industrialists were asked to define their ideas for each of these and the relationships between each area.  This was done with regard to the key themes of electrification, lightweighting, smart manufacture & smart transmissions, transmission efficiency, materials & surface conditioning and remanufacture.

The results of this Roadmapping day and how to navigate the Roadmap was presented by Ben Cook of AMRC at Gears 2020. The video presentation, Slide and link to visit the Roadmap is available for BGA Members here:

If you would like to join the 5 Axis SIG please contact Kirsty in the BGA office –