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Welcome to the British Gear Association.

The British Gear Association (BGA) is a trade association that promotes the technical and commercial interests of manufacturers, distributors, academics and others involved in the Power Transmissions industry in the United Kingdom.

To do this, we offer our members immediate access to support when it is needed, with frequent events taking place at our facility within Newcastle University. The BGA website also acts as a resource hub, hosting the very latest news and research.


The BGA runs regular training seminars and networking events for our members, providing a chance for individuals and teams to learn and network with the broader membership at locations across the UK.


Get immediate, and free, access to various publications through our online resource centre. Publications on offer include white papers, codes of practice and other documents.

Special Interest Groups

SIG’s are a semi-structured group of BGA members with a common interest in a specific area of technology. The groups provide a forum for BGA members to discuss common problems or topic areas to a common benefit.


The BGA provides support and funding for relevant research projects from our members. Completed projects are available for interested parties to download and view instantaneously.


Please note, if you wish to attend a BGA event then you must first register for an account on the BGA website. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will be able to book a place at the desired event. If you encounter any issues with registration, please contact the BGA office on 0191 208 6160 or email Click here to register.


Gear Foundation Day

11th September 2019£375.00
Members receive up to 45% discount - please log in...

Gear Noise and Transmission Error Measurement

18th September 2019£375.00
Members receive up to 45% discount - please log in...

Introduction to Gear Cutting and Measurement

24th September 2019£1,550.00
Members receive up to 45% discount - please log in...

Gearbox Systems – Problems & Solutions

1st October 2019£375.00
Members receive up to 45% discount - please log in...

Gear Wear & Failure Recognition

30th October 2019£375.00
The seminar gives delegates an insight into the appearance and...

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