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Our friends at Agoria have conducted a survey to see the impact of Corono Virus on their members in Europe. We will be sending out a Survey to BGA Members to asses the impact Covid 19 has had on business in the UK this week.

Please find here a summary of the second survey conducted by Agoria among its members (from 7 to 10 April) to evaluate the impact of the crisis. The full slide deck is available here.

« There is cautiously more work in technology companies compared to two weeks ago. The average activity rate has gone up from 49.7% to 52.8% (+3.1%).

Despite the slight increase, the level of activity remains very low. The main obstacles to the activities of companies include the reduced demand (67%), the social distancing rules (39%), the availability of workers (38%) and the supply of raw materials and components (39%).


Supply problems continue to be important. No fewer than 61.5% of companies are affected, particularly due to intra-EU supply chain issues (58%). In particular, the shutdown of companies in other EU Member States is disrupting the supply chain. France and Italy are cited most often in that respect. Problems at customs, trade and transport are rather limited but can be important for certain specific products nonetheless.”

We also remind you that Agoria publishes and regularly updates an FAQ (French/Dutch/English) which contains the answers to the most frequently asked & industry-related questions about the coronavirus and government measures.