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BGA Publications Hub.

The BGA is pleased to be able to offer members unlimited access to a whole range of publications and learning resources completely free of charge in our Publications Hub at

There are lots of publications available including lecture notes from previously held seminars, critical reviews and product documentation, up to date market statistics and  larger technical manuals.

Each of these publications will help members to expand their knowledge-base, increase their understanding and consider new aspects relating to their industry. That is why we have made them free to download for members, to help further the Power Transmission industry in the UK by creating a rich resource for all.

Also available for download below are various Codes of Practice. These Codes of Practice should help any individual or business working within or alongside the gear industry to standardise the terminology they use as well as the methods employed for presenting data, metrics and results. The BGA encourages all Members to adopt the working models outlined in the Codes of Practice to create a better industry.

Please note you will need to be logged in to access Members Only content. If you are having problems logging in or have forgotten your log in details please contact Kirsty and Lindsay in the BGA office If  you are not a member and would like to have access to our online Publications Hub please click here to download an application form. Applications can be emailed to