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Our first course of 2019 is the essential Gear Foundation Day.

Date: 30th January 2019
Venue: BGA Training Centre

This introductory seminar is suitable and appropriate for anyone joining the gear industry. The course will not only equip the delegate with the basic gear knowledge to make a success of their career but also allow them to benefit from the more specialised seminars presented through the year in the BGA’s Knowledge Transfer Programme.

Each Session includes a test and successful students will receive a certificate.

The course will include:

  • An Introduction to Gears Part 1: Gear Fundamentals –  Law of Gearing; The Involute Form; Power Transmission; Motion Control; Gear Types – Features and Benefits.
  • An Introduction to Gears Part 2: Noise & Load – Modes of Failure (Bending, Pitting, Micro-Pitting, Scuffing, Wear) Gear Rating methods; Application Factors; Gear Lubrication; Noise & Vibration basics; Transmission Error.

An Introduction to Gears Part 3: Gear Manufacture – Gear Material Specification; Gear Manufacturing Methods (Forming,     Moulding, Machining; Hobbing, Shaping, Shaving, Honing, Grinding and Finishing); Heat Treatment and Gear Measurement


Book your 2019 training before January 31st 2019 to receive 10% discount on the usual fee.

If you are a BGA Member this 10% is additional to your membership discount so you will receive up to a massive 55% discount on any training you book before the deadline.

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