Stephenson Building, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NE1 7RU

Date: 11th & 12th April 2017
Location: Design Unit – Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tutor: Rob Frazer


ISO 6336 Seminar

Do you understand gear rating or need to know more? Applying the latest analysis methods could save you money and make your company more competitive. This seminar will give you the opportunity to understand and explore the stress analysis procedures published in ISO 6336:2006 and discuss ideas and implications with other members of the industry. However, the latest standards are rather daunting to those who are new to them so the purpose of this seminar is to make it much easier to understand how it works.


Gear Optimization

Applying the latest ISO 6336 stress analysis standard implements best practice but it will not guarantee a low noise or low risk gear set. This requires the selection of appropriate macro gear geometry and the specification of micro geometry corrections to compensate for random manufacturing errors and elastic deflection of gears, shafts and gearbox under load. This seminar will introduce and apply strategies for maximizing gear performance, increasing power density and minimizing manufacturing costs and risk.

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