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Expert support available for UK industry

Measurement for Recovery (M4R) – Supporting UK industry to drive recovery, growth and business confidence

Do you want to build confidence in decision making for your business?  Or receive support to deliver innovation with a new approach?  The BGA are encouraging as many UK members to look at Measurement for Recovery because it might just be the solution you are looking for. 

The Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme from the National measurement System (NMS) which includes:  National Physical Laboratory (NPL), National Gear Metrology Laboratory (NGML) , NEL in East Kilbride (flow measurement), LGC (food, environment , agriculture)  is supporting UK industry by helping companies, large or small, to invest and grow.

The programme offers UK companies the chance to receive up to 20 days specialist advice and analytical expertise, at no charge.   

NGML are run by the Design Unit at Newcastle University and they are part of the delivery team for this programme and may be able to help you.  If you have some ideas and want to discuss these with somebody at NGML before you apply, please email

Access the expertise of world-leading engineering teams at the NMS Laboratories and apply today. Applying is simple and straightforward, with a non-competitive assessment and a quick decision.

Discover how can we help

How Measurement for Recovery can help your business

Our aim is to help boost resilience and competitiveness by bringing together the UK’s top engineers and facilities with companies, to address problems in innovative ways.

Measurement for Recovery helps solve analysis or measurement issues that cannot be resolved using standard technologies and techniques, including help to:

  • Provide measurement and analysis expertise
  • Investigate the feasibility of concepts and validate products and processes
  • Support new products and services which directly help the national response to COVID-19
  • Help cost reduction or improve productivity
  • Increase product reliability and mitigate in-service costs
  • Offer advice on standards and regulatory needs

Quick and simple to apply

Measurement for Recovery is available to all registered UK companies who are within their de minimis allocation.

  • A non-competitive programme
  • Simple application process
  • Fast application assessment
  • Available to all registered UK companies
  • Direct contact with technical delivery team for successful applications

If you are looking for support and you think M4R can help meet your business needs, find out more and apply online here