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Gears 2017 – Timetable of Events

Time Speaker Company
09:00—09:30 Registration & Coffee
09:30—09:45 Welcome & Opening remarks by GEARS 2017 Chairman Graham Penning OBE
09:45—10.05 “AFRC: forming the gear industry of the future” Lynne O’Hare AFRC
10:05—10:15 Review by Chairman  & Questions
10:15—10:35 “Generating grinding with small tools” Rainer Hohlweg Kapp Niles
10:35—10:45 Review by Chairman  & Questions
10:45—11:05 “Trends in powder metal gears” Philipp Schaeflein Stackpole International
11:05—11:15 Review by Chairman  & Questions
11:15—11:35  Morning Coffee
11:35—11:55 “Accurate models and flexible machines to improve productivity and performance in the gear industry” Mike Fish Dontyne Systems
11:55—12:05 Review by Chairman  & Questions
12:05—12:25 BGA Prize “Mechanical motion rectifier” Geoffrey Moore Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd
12:25—12:35 Review by Chairman  & Questions
12: 35 —13:35 Lunch
13:35—13:55 “Optimising gear macro and micro geometry to minimise whine and maximise robustness under torque and manufacturing variation for a diesel engine application” Neil McNab Cummins Inc
13:55—14:05 Review by Chairman  & Questions
14:05—14:25 BGA presentation
14:25—14:45 “Development of an economic gear flank surface generation method to determine functional parameters of a gear” Tom Reavie Design Unit
14:45—14:55 Review by Chairman  & Questions
15:00—15:15  Afternoon Tea
15:15—15:35 “Dynamic factor calculation for high speed electric vehicle gearboxes” Sharad Jain Romax Technology
15:35—15:45 Review by Chairman  & Questions
15:45—16:05 “Improving roughness measurement of involute helical gears” Giorge Koulin Design Unit
16:05—16:15 Review by Chairman  & Questions
16:15 – 16:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks Graham Penning OBE

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