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The current Covid-19 situation in the UK has left many businesses including the BGA with great uncertainty in regards to hosting public events. There is no current timeline for when things will be back to normal working life but we are continuing our planning for the annual BGA Technical Awareness Seminar GEARS 2020 in November.

Please find information about submitting a paper for GEARS 2020 below.

If anything changes in we will be sure to update you asap.

gears 2020 – call for papers

Each year the BGA’s Technical Awareness Seminar provides an outstanding forum to share ideas with others on all aspects of power transmission technology. This is your opportunity to present your work to an audience of knowledgeable professionals from the UK and abroad and to participate in discussions with that audience.

Ideally, papers (or an extended abstract and a presentation when appropriate) should be original to the UK audience but previously presented material may be accepted at the discretion of the Gears 2020 Chairman. Your material should be technically accurate, relevant to power transmissions technology and free of commercialism.

Some suggested application areas include:
– Manufacturing & Processing
– Quality Control and Inspection
– Applications & Case Histories
– Condition Monitoring
– Materials
– Design Analysis & Methods

Deadline for submission is 31st August 2020