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BGA ISO 6336 gear analysis Special Interest Group round robin.

The BGA form special interest groups (SIGs) to provide a forum to discuss and develop themes to support UK gear manufacturers and users.  The individual SIGs can decide for themselves what they do and how they operate.  You need to be BGA member to join a SIG.

We have agreed to set up a SIG looking at ISO 6336 which includes contact and bending fatigue analysis, scuffing, micropitting and Tooth flank fracture failure modes.  There are many problems applying ISO 6336 gear standards.  Using commercial software packages is challenging enough.  Trying to write your own spreadsheet or coding the standard takes it to a different level.  The standard is currently being revised so this is also very good timing.

At the meeting on 2/10/18, delegates agreed to start work on a comparison of analysis results using some examples which will be prepared by Dontyne Systems Ltd and Design Unit.  This gives BGA members the chance to compare your results to others (confidentiality is assured), learn how the standard works and where the problems lie.

If you use gear analysis software, are a member of the BGA and want to get involved contact Lindsay or Kirsty at the BGA for more information, 0191 208 6160 /

If you would like to become a BGA Member please click here to apply.

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