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Join: Splines SIG

After a brief pause in the Splines SIG activities we are re-initiating the SIG to address both existing and new topics of interest within the BGA membership.

The initial focus for the group will build around defining small-scale student projects addressing splines in conjunction with the BGA supporting academic partners. We will also be reviewing the work of relevant BGA assigned projects completed within the last 18 months.

Currently there is an opportunity for the development of a modest BGA supported spline test rig to help underpin the Spline SIG activities and support more in-depth research activity. The Splines SIG will form a key input into the specification and steering of BGA spline research activities meaning participants will be direct beneficiaries of the resulting work.

Typical areas of Spline SIG interest include but are not limited to:

  • Spline Geometry
  • Spline Accuracy
  • Spline Stressing and Rating – Fixed and Flexible
  • Spline Joint Design
  • Spline Dynamics
  • Spline Manufacturing Influences/Methods

We will be holing a virtual meeting at the end of March 2019 to:

  • Review previous activities of the SIG.
  • Agree the SIG structure for 2019.
  • Identify any new areas of focus.
  • Specify activity items.

If you are interested in joining this meeting please contact the BGA office or call +44(0)191 208 6160.

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