Stephenson Building, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NE1 7RU

Joint BGA / IMechE Student Prize winner 2020.

The BGA IMechE joint Student Prize 2020 winner is Robin Gwilliam from the Cardiff University for his MEng project:

” Design of Epicyclic Gearbox for In-Hub Motors on EV Formula Student Car. ” 

The judging panel commented:

” A good report showing extensive detailed knowledge of the application requirements, gear arrangement and design and analysis performed without support of a commercial software package. ” 

“This was excellent.  Start to finish a super bit of work.  Robin developed a model, wrote the code, validated it at every turn, with clear objectives‚Ķ.and got good results.  Everything was clearly explained, this guy has the makings of a good engineer .”

Robin has been invited to present his paper the the leading gear experts in the UK at GEARS 2021 in November 2021.

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