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BGA ISO 6336 Special Interest Group (SIG)

The BGA form special interest groups (SIGs) to provide a forum to discuss and develop themes to support UK gear manufacturers and users.  The individual SIGs can decide for themselves what they do and how they operate.  You need to be BGA member to join a SIG.

We are proposing to set up a SIG looking at ISO 6336, the gear stress analysis standards.  This is particularly relevant because a revision to ISO 6336 is currently nearing publication.  It is proposed that the first sessions will be chaired by Design Unit, but this has to be decided by the SIG members during the initial telephone conference call proposed for 2 Oct 2018 at 10am. 

There are many problems using the ISO 6336 gear stress analysis.  Using commercial software packages is challenging enough.  Trying to write your own spreadsheet or coding the standard takes it to a different level.

The objective of the teleconference call is to propose what the SIG does and manage its activities.  Examples could include:

  1. A confidential round robin comparison of ISO 6336 analysis results by members.
  2. Load distribution modelling and validation.
  3. Miners sum round robin comparison.
  4. Helix angle factor validation.
  5. Comparison with TCA models.
  6. Running in allowances

The confidential round robin exercise would be a good way of starting this SIG off.  We can propose a geometry and conditions and compare results from different packages and users or find problems with interpretation of the standards for example.

Work from this SIG could inform the ISO TC60 WG6 committee who develop the standard and also identify where the UK needs to do research to support gear stress analysis.

Membership of a SIG is free to BGA members.

Please contact Lindsay and Kirsty at the BGA before 28 September on 0191 2086160 / if you wish to participate in the in the initial conference call and allow time to send you the dial in details and an agenda.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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