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FREE EVENT: 5-AXIS CNC Gear Manufacture. 


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9th July 2019 9:30 am
10th July 2019 3:00 pm
N C M T Ltd, Siskin Drive, Coventry, UK   View map

Register today for this Free BGA / NCMT networking and training event.

FREE EVENT: 5-AXIS CNC Gear Manufacture. 


BGA Technical Awareness Day


Focus: 5-AXIS CNC Gear Manufacture.
Venue: NCMT Coventry
Date: 9th & 10th July 2019

Please note programme will be the same both days so you only need to attend 1 day.


The BGA “Technical Awareness Days” are a new initiative from the BGA in collaboration with commercial suppliers of equipment, services and technology to show and update gear manufacturers and users of the latest product and industry developments. These 1 day events will concentrate on a specific area of Gear Technology from both a technical and commercial standpoint.


The first TAD is on 5-axis CNC Gear Manufacture and will be held in conjunction with NCMT at their offices in Coventry 9th July 2019.   5-axis CNC finish gear cutting and grinding provide a real opportunity for the industry to break away from traditional gear hobbing, shaping and grinding processes that require dedicated machine tools.  It opens up opportunities for changing gear manufacturing and design strategies and can reduce the time it takes to get from a CAD model to a finished gear product.


NCMT together with technology partners and BGA members Dontyne Systems and Hexagon Metrology will:


  • Introduce the concepts and machine tools for 5-axis gear manufacture.
  • Demonstrate helical spur and involute gears.
  • Measure the gears we have just seen being cut, discuss results and ask questions.


The proceedings will include guest speakers including Dr David Curtis, Senior Technical Fellow from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Dr Rob Frazer, Senior Engineer from Design Unit at Newcastle University, who will present on behalf of the British Gear Association.


There will be plenty of opportunity to network with the leading Gear companies, manufacturers, distributors and academics. This will be your chance to share opportunities, discuss challenges and promote your interests to likeminded people.


Lunch will be provided.


This event is free of charge to BGA Members.


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