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We have just posted a Standards update to the members only Standards Portal . This service provides BGA members an update on technical developments which are currently taking place in gear standards.

Covid-19 has changed how standards meetings are run.  Shorter, on-line meetings are now the norm with delegates joining from Europe, USA and Japan and China.  This is reducing travel time, costs and environmental impact for participating in these meetings making it easier for everybody to participate.

If you want to learn more about the role BGA members play in standard development or want to get involved, please contact Kirst McGregor at the BGA for assistance.

Getting involved:

  • will keep you up to date on the latest ideas and analysis methods
  • make sure that standards support your business needs
  • ensure the UK is represented at the ‘top table’ of standards work
  • provides a great way develop your understanding of gear technology and the important issues we are facing

Current projects

There are a large number of projects currently revising ISO standards that may be relevant to your business and are developed by ISO Technical Committee TC60 and the supporting national standards committees around the world.

Technical Committee (TC) 60 GearsBSI shadow technical committee MCE 5 GearsDescription
Chair: AGMA Secretary: AGMAChair: BGA Secretary: BGA 
WG2 Gear accuracyMCE 5/-/2Develops geometry tolerance and measuring machine  standards and reports
Sub committee 1 (SC1) Secretary: BGA
WG 3 gear forming toolsMCE 5/-/16Develops gear cutting tool standards and reports
WG4 Terminology and notationMCE 5 /-/17Develops terminology and geometry standards
WG7 Worm gearsMCE 5 /-/7Develops worm gear geometry and stress analysis standards and reports
Sub committee 2 (SC2) Secretary: VDMA
WG6 Gear calculationsMCE 6/-/6Develops cylindrical gear stress analysis and scuffing standards and reports
WG13 Bevel gearsMCE 5 /-/13Develops bevel gear geometry, stress analysis and scuffing standards and reports
WG14 Strength and Quality of materialsMCE 5/-/14Develops material, material testing and allowable stress related standards and reports