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BGA Technology road map

Get Involved:  download a Road Map suggestion form by clicking here or make a suggestion in the comments below.

The BGA, is committed to secure and enhance the mechanical Power Transmission industry in the United Kingdom. A key part of this mission is to ensure our members are aware of all the evolving technologies that can affect their business.

Our technology roadmap has been designed to identify technologies that will affect the gear and mechanical power transmission industry, its users and suppliers and the impact of the industry and its users on the environment.

The BGA Road Map is used to drive our;

    • Literature surveys and State of the Art reviews
    • Technology Awareness Days
    • Special Interest Groups
    • Seed funding of research
    • Collaborative research
    • Application for Government funded research
Get Involved.

We are looking to members to identify technologies you believe should be put on the roadmap; new, emerging and current technologies you feel are not yet fully exploited. In addition, and for completeness, we would also ask you to identify technologies that are not yet available but should be developed to overcome knowledge gaps and problems that need to be solved such as; prediction of heat treatment distortion.

You can download a Road Map suggestion form by clicking here or make a suggestion in the comments below.

Current Map Suggestions.
Suggested Technology to be placed on Roadmap Possible impact of suggested Technology Any known expertise or background information Additional comments plus any suggested actions by BGA
Moving particle simulation of gearbox lubrication systems Optimised Lubrication of Gearboxes. Smaller sumps/tanks. Less Waste. Better sustainablity. Eniginsoft – Paper Gears 2018
Prediction Software for Heat Treatments distortion of Carburised and Case Hardened Gears. Better management and reduced HT distortion, particularly for small batch, one off gears producing; Reduced grinding & less scrap. Reduced and acceptable case removal during grinding Invite predictio software supplier to join BGA and / or arrange TAD . BGA Members to Test-validate software and securely share results
In Process Gear Rating/Approval Improved Productivity. Reduced waste. Improved rating. Dontyne Paper Gears 2018. Design Unit Paper Gears 2017.

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