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Update from the 5-Axis Machining SIG.

5-Axis machining provides an alternative solution for gear and spline manufacture but its capabilities are only just being explored.  Machine capability is continually being developed but when should you consider it a serious alternative to conventional gear manufacturing methods and how do you use this technology to best effect?  
The SIG is chaired by Ben Cook from the AMRC at Sheffield University who are actively researching and developing this technology. Please click here to see full objectives of this SIG.
10 BGA companies joined in the 1st conference call of the 5-Axis Machining Special Interest Group (SIG) in December2019. 
The SIG members agreed to collate ideas and experiences of 5-axis machining to decide how we collectively answer these questions. 

It is not too late to join this Special interest group.
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Kirsty and Lindsay at the / 0191 208 6160  

SIG membership is free of charge to BGA members.