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Video: 5 Axis CNC Machine event.

The joint NCMT and BGA Technical  Awareness Days on the 9th and 10th July attracted nearly 130 delegates to review the current capabilities in the fast developing 5-axis machining world of gears.

Check out this great video of the day from MTD CNC.

The idea that you can finish turn, mill, cut and skive spur, helical, internal and external involute parallel axis gears and straight and spiral bevel gears- was new to many. 

NCMT demonstrated that finish cut ISO grade 6 gears are achievable and development is continuing to improve this.  Grind from solid and finish grinding options are also being developed.

For many the spiral bevel gear manufacturing demonstration was particularly interesting.  NCMT used Dontyne Systems generic spherical involute bevel gear package to design, optimise tip relief and crowning.  The software produces the CNC G-code to make the gears and measurement to the design intent is performed on Hexagon’s Leitz CMM measurement platform. 

Full closed loop manufacturing for involute and spiral bevel gears on a generic 5-axis platform in reality.  Traditional dedicated gear machine tools are very well established and effective, but 5-Axis machining of gears is now an alternative option that will interest many who previously thought they can’t get into the gear manufacturing market. 

For more information visit NCMT’s website

Following on from feedback at the event the BGA are intending to initiate a BGA Special Interest Group based around 5 Axis CNC Machining. To register your interest to be a part of this SIG please contact the BGA office