Stephenson Building, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NE1 7RU

The British Gear Association (BGA) has been working to promote the commercial and technical interests of our Members for over thirty years now, and thanks to our new website we will be able to offer those registered individuals and companies even more support and information than ever before.

The aim of the new BGA website is to offer an unbeatable resource for our Members, a place where they can not only find the latest news and developments from the Power Transmission industry in the UK, but also seek advice from peers and organisations.

As well as an up to date news section, the new BGA site includes instant and unrivalled Members Only access to relevant research projects and special interest group forums, where like-minded Members can seek advice or start a discussion based on a number of specific topics. These special interest groups contain information and advice on a wide-range of subjects, providing an invaluable chance to learn from and interact with other Members. Members can also find a list of upcoming events taking place at our space in Newcastle University and beyond and register their interest.

The BGA is proud to provide funding and support to members wishing to embark on research projects that can further the industry, One of the main benefits of the new BGA’s website is the ability to find the results of the latest research projects and Member publications with ease, before downloading them to read at your leisure.

Following requests from the BGA Membership you can now book all of your training and events online 24/7. This gives members and their staff a convenient and more flexible way to register and pay for training and events.

The site has also been built from the ground up to not only be pleasing to read and navigate, but also to be responsive. This responsive element ensures that the BGA site and all of its resources are easy to view no matter how you view them, whether you access the site through a PC, tablet or even a smartphone.

The BGA was formed to replace the British Gear Manufacturers’ Association, joining manufacturers and third party companies involved in the mechanical Power Transmission industry under one banner. The association acts to represent members on a national and international stage, raising awareness and issues amongst the media, government and related industries.

To date, the BGA holds positions on British and International Standard committees, providing the Chairman of the British Standards Institution’s MCE/5 Committee on Gearing as well as the Chairman of the ISO TC60 sub committee SC1. The BGA is also an active Member of EUROTRANS, a federation of national associations of gear and transmission element manufacturers from nine European countries.

The association prides itself on the work carried out to support it’s members, work that will be made easier to access thanks to the BGA website.

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