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Who’s Speaking at Gears 2017

We have once again attracted the most pre-eminent gearing experts to present papers as well as some of the best and brightest newcomers, including the winner of the BGA/IMECHE Student prize, who we have no doubt will be making an impact on the Gearing Industry in the future.

Please find a full list of speakers and topics below.

Neil McNab – Cummins – “Optimising gear macro and micro geometry to minimise whine and maximise robustness under torque and manufacturing variation for a Diesel engine application”.
Mark Covill – Kapp Niles – “Generating Grinding with small tools”.
Mike Fish – Dontyne Systems – “Accurate Models and Flexible Machines to Improve Productivity and Performance in the Gear Industry”.
Philipp Kauffmann – Stackpole International – “Trends in Powder Metal Gears”.
Sharad Jain, Barry James, Chad Glinsky, Niranjan Raghuraman – Romax – ” Dynamic Factor Calcualtion for High Speed Electric Vehicle Gearboxes”.
G Koulin, J Zhang, RC Frazer – Design Unit – “Improving roughness measurement of involute helical gears”.
T Reavie, G Koulin, RC Frazer – Design Unit – “Development of an economic gear flank surface generation method to determine functional parameters of a gear”.
 Lynne O’Hare – AFRC – “AFRC: forming the gear industry of the future”.

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